How to Create a Listing



  • plretail

    so the listing does exist, i did create by using the + for the other intergrations. I am getting errors when it comes to ebay and ets. I even deleted from all marketplaces and reimported and i keep getting stuck when it comes to these two marketplaces. im getting an error that sku already exists. skus match what is listed on the marketplace

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  • kfred

    Hi there!
    I'd be happy to assist with this! We really need some SKU examples to give you a solid answer, so I will be reaching out via ticket. 

    The SKUs likely exists on the merchant side, which is why LM is unable to push them out for you. You can delete them on the merchant side and then let LM create the listing. Then we will control the listing for you. But let's chat about this in a ticket so we can get to the bottom of it! 

    Just a heads up, the quickest way to a resolution is to submit a request with our support team! Thanks for reaching out!! We will talk soon! 

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